Install Mercurial on Linux (RHEL / CentOS)

Installing mercurial on Windows is straight forward, because there are installable packages (.msi / .exe ) readily available. Installing on unix like systems is also easy altough there are different methods for different unix flavours. I had to spend some time figuring out how to install it on RHEL in offline (not connected to internet)… Read More »

Websphere Commerce: Replace database / Plug in new data

In Websphere Commerce environments it is relatively easy to replace entire database with new database. This is typically useful if you want to copy test data from one environment to another environment. You can take copy / database dump of the database, restore it in your target environment and then configure the target environment to… Read More »

Apache Traffic Server : Dedicated high volume proxy / caching server

Recently while checking on some web server load related issues I found out about Apache Traffic server. Apache Traffic Server What is Apache Traffic Server (TS)? It is an open source web proxy designed for primary purpose of serving as a web proxy (rather than traditional webserver) and caching solution. It can be set up… Read More »

Splunk WMI : Monitoring Windows without forwarder

Splunk is a versatile monitoring tool which can monitor number of applications, hardware and software, store and index data and present it in nice graphs, charts or tables. Admins familiar with Splunk will know that Splunk works in Client Server mode. Client runs a Splunk forwarder which collects and sends data to the Indexing Server… Read More »

Missing Memory on Solaris ? ZFS is the explanation

Okay – ZFS ‘May be’ the explanation to your missing memory !!!! But if you have Solaris server running ZFS and you can not explain memory consumption then this most likely applies to you. After support team installs or migrates their application to new Solaris servers using ZFS file system, they may notice couple of… Read More »

Free Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

I’m always on a lookout for good monitoring tools. I like to automate monitoring and alerting requirements on my Application Serving environments. I’ve tried number of these tools over the years for IT Application monitoring, Performance monitoring, IT Infrastructure monitoring and Network monitoring. Obviously some tools are better than others. As they say “you get… Read More »

Force JVM to work in specific time zone with user.timezone

Users working with two major implementations of JVMs (Sun HotSpot and IBM J9) have faced issues and bugs related to timezones at some point of time. Either daylight savings time related problems or otherwise. By Default, most JVMs use combination of operating system locale/timezone settings and its own locale settings to determine timezone it should… Read More »

Apache web server as HTTP proxy

Apache provides a lot of modules out of the box and there are lot of custom modules available which are built by community or vendors like IBM. One such out of the box module is mod_proxy. It makes it possible to use your webserver as a proxy server for handling web requests. Using proxies significantly… Read More »